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Why keep weeds away from your heat pump?

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Your heat pump is the main source of refreshing flowing air in your house. If you keep it well maintained, it will stay longer and work efficiently. The manufacturers and the power companies have recommended keeping the weeds 3 to 5 feet away from the heat pump outdoor unit so that it can work properly.

Shrubs and grasses provide a good windbreak option, sound barrier and provide shading, however, make sure they are far enough so as not to interfere with the performance of the unit or any future technician servicing. When you are out there in the yard with the rake and clippers make sure you go to your heat pump and clear away all the leaves, weeds, and branches that may impact its performance over the course of the winter. It is recommended by the major manufacturers of Heat pumps as well as the larger HVAC Repair companies all over the country.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to keep the weeds away from heat pump

  • All the weeds and plants that grow around your outdoor unit will make it difficult for the heat pump to get enough air and do its job.
  • If it is choked off with grass it is struggling to do its job efficiently. This cost you money and time.
  • The snowdrift wrap build around the heat pump in snow season. The bushes caught the snow and block the air. If your heat pump doesn’t get the air it won’t work.
  • Heat pumps need free air circulation so they need plenty of airspace around them.
  • Your service plumber needs to get free easy access to the heat pump. Stay the outdoor unit away from the plants with dense branches and thorny plants.
  • These shrubs and grasses interfere in the performance of the heat pump system.
  • The shredded leaves could stick to the fins and fan of the unit.
  • A coil blocked with grass and shredded leaves reduce its efficiency.
  • During summer and spring season, you may notice new growth that blocks the airflow.
  • Don’t stack anything on the top of the unit. It can fall into the fan compartment causing damage.
  • Stay the outdoor unit away from plants with dense, intertwining branches that can make your service technician’s visit unpleasant.

Many homeowners can opt to plant, to enhance their outside area but proper consideration is required. So that it may not affect the heat pump by causing damage or restricting the unit’s capacity to run effectively, which would then be reflected in your monthly power bill. The outside area is important for you to plant what you want to. Heat pump outdoor unit needs space around it to disperse air easily and avoids overworking.

Trimming away the bushes and grasses from around your heat pump should be a part of your seasonal maintenance every autumn. Keep your heat pump in mind when you are trimming the bushes. It must be allowed to work properly and without restricted air flow, your heat pump should help keep your home warm all the season.

When doing a search like Heating and Air Fayetteville NC you will find companies that make a living from individuals who do not keep weeds out of the HVAC system. It is our best recommendation that you do everything you can to keep your Heat Pump running properly.

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